Welcome to the new Case Complete Community site.  We are happy to finally have a public forum for you to ask questions and share your ideas about CaseComplete, use case modeling, requirements management, and software development in general.  In addition, we'll be posting some of our own thoughts in this blog.  This blog is open to all Serlio employees, so hopefully you will be seeing posts from a variety of people.  Its main focus will be on use case modeling and Case Complete, but we may occasionally stray off topic.  If we do, rest assured that the information will still be relevant, instructive and highly enlightening ;-) (at least that’s our goal).  For me personally, my main contributions will be topics concerning Case Complete such as useful tips and tricks and interesting facts.  Let us know if there are any topics that you’d like us to address.  Also, please help us make this site a success by joining in on the forum discussions. Thanks for reading.