A Few Things To Know About CaseComplete 2009

Here at Serlio, we're pretty excited to announce that CaseComplete 2009 is now available. Here are a few of the new features.

CaseComplete and Microsoft Excel

Requirements management dashboardWe now integrate very nicely with Microsoft Excel. You can import existing requirements directly from Excel into CaseComplete. You can generate reports in Excel format (we previously supported HTML and Word reports).

So with this new integration, we included a bunch of templates out-of-the-box that we think you'll find useful. Things like:

  • A project dashboard based on your use cases and requirements.
  • A traceability matrix between the different kinds of information in your requirements (for example, between use cases and the requirements they refer to). 
  • The CaseComplete Estimator - a sophisticated tool that predicts the effort required to implement your project, allowing you to try out different "what-if" scenarios.
  • Test plans generated from your use cases and requirements.
  • You could also use these reports as an easy linkage from CaseComplete into whatever test managment tool you're using.

Traceability Matrix There are 15 Excel templates included in this release. And you can create your own Excel templates to slice-and-dice information about your requirements in whatever way works for you.

Do More With Requirements

Based on the most popular requests from our customers, we enhanced what you can do with requirements . So you can now organize requirements into parent-child relationships. You'd use this wherever several child requirements need to be met in order to fulfill a higher level requirement. Requirements can now also reference other requirements. And referenced requirements can be shown on a diagram with a reference relationship.

Requirements Diagram

Try It Today

These are just a few of the things we've put into the 2009 release. We've really tried to make CaseComplete the fastest, easiest way to create use cases and requirements. Try out the fully-functional 30-day free trial. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment here.