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I'm a longtime reader of both Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood. I think their writing is great. So I've been closely following a website they've been collaborating on for the past few months: It's a Q&A site with voting and editing features that make it more effective and useful than other sites in the same category.stackoverflow-logo-250

Since stackoverflow is programming-centric, I didn't expect to see discussions on requirements or use cases. So I was surprised to find a referral to our website on a question about CaseComplete. And imagine my delight to find the response below:

After much research we settled on using Case Complete for a fairly large and complex project and haven't looked back since, it is both easy to use and intuitive. The document generation has been especially helpful.

We store all the project files/artifacts in subversion so that multiple people can work on the case complete project at one time. We have templates that generate our documentation from case complete projects, no maintaining of massive word documents.

I would definitely recommend it.

Thanks to the author for the positive feedback - we're glad you're having some success with our tool.

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