Introduction - Doug

Here’s a little bit about myself and my role(s) at Serlio Software. I am one of the 4 co-founders of and am currently the architect and lead developer of CaseComplete. In the summer of 2004, I had the privilege to be one of the authors for Microsoft’s MSF-Agile process that will soon be released with Team System. Prior to forming Serlio, I and the other co-founders worked at Rational Software (now a division of IBM) where we were on the development teams for Rose and XDE, hence our interest in development tools and best practices.

Working for a small company like Serlio, I wear many hats. For example, I also do technical support, so you’ll see my name quite a bit in replies to emails sent to support and to questions posted on the forums. Having developers involved with tech-support duties is a good thing IMO. When developers lose site of the day-to-day issues that users are having, the product can become bloated with features that no one needs or uses, while nagging little issues go ignored. So, here’s where you come in – what are the nagging little issues that you have with Case Complete?  What are the things that you wish Case Complete would do, or do differently? Help yourselves by helping us make Case Complete the best it can be by posting your thoughts in the forums. Thanks!