Moving Extensions in CaseComplete

Well I haven’t blogged as much as I intended to this year, but here’s another quick tip as we close out the year.  If you have an extension attached to a step in your use case and you decide that you want it attached to a different step, it’s pretty simple to move it.  First select the extension.  It doesn’t matter if you select the extension’s substeps because those will always stay with the parent extension since they can’t exist on their own.  It is important to select the entire extension, not just the text in the extension (see below for more detail). Right click on the extension and select cut.  The extension and the substeps will be removed.  Now right click on the step you would like to attach the extension to and select "paste extension(s) to step".  The extensions and substeps will now be attached to that step.  Likewise, you can copy or move an extension to a step in a different use case: select copy or cut on the selected extension, open the desired use case, and select paste on the desired step.

To select the entire extension for cut/copy/paste manipulation, click to the left of its number, or use standard click/drag, but make sure you move below the extension text: the entire line will be highlighted including the number.  If you click/drag so only the text is highlighted, then any cut/copy/paste operations only affect the text in the editor, not the extension and substeps.

You can see more copy/paste tips in the dynamic help topic for the main success scenario or extensions.