Pasting from external applications into CaseComplete

Here's a quick tip that is probably no big surprise but you may not have thought about.  If you have a list of items in some other application such as Word, Excel or just plain text, and each item is on its own line, you can copy the list and paste into any Case Complete bulleted list or grid.  When you paste, each item will be pasted as its own separate bullet or grid entry.  For example, try copying these three lines:


and paste them into the Actor goals, or the Requirements list (when in description view).  3 new goals or requirements will be created.  In this way, you can quickly create new use cases, actors, requirements, goals, open issues, notes, etc. when the text exists elsewhere.

Somewhat related: new in version 2.5, you can now select multiple notes, goals and open issues in order to copy and paste more than one at a time.  Of course, you can do this with steps in the flow of events too, but you've been able to do that since version 2.0.  However, the UI has been improved making it much easier in 2.5 (you no longer have to drag starting at the left of the numbered step).